"My daughter has been dancing at Impulse for 6 years now and she loves it so very much. In these 6 years, I have watched my very shy little girl transform into a strong, confident and hardworking girl. The love and support that she receives from all her teachers, friends and parents is for sure life-changing. Here she has developed her love for dance in more than one style.  She has great teachers that not only teach her dance, but they are also there for her when she needs help with her homework or when she just needs to talk to someone other than "mom".  She has amazing girls that she has been looking up to from the age of 5, and not just as great dancers, but as role models.  Impulse is not just her dance studio...it's her home, a place where she has a very big, loving and caring family.  As a parent, when I look back on how far she has come and see where she is going, I am very grateful that Ms Lindsay opened up this amazing, family-friendly dance studio for everyone.  We love Impulse so much."


Impulse Dance Mom

"When I was young, I danced at a small studio in the basement of the house. I spent many nights there as a dancer, an assistant and than as a teacher. The owner not only saw me as her student, but a member of her family. I became very close with her and her children as well as my fellow dancers well into my adulthood.
Now having children of my own and wanting to enroll my daughter into dance lessons, I never thought that I would be able to find a studio that could offer her the same nurturing experience that I had as a kid. Not only that, but the dance studio pool had grown exponentially in the last 20 years, so how would I choose?
My friend, who was also looking for a dance studio, called Impulse and was highly impressed with how quickly her phone call was returned and how friendly the Studio Director, Lindsay Jenkins, was when she was given a studio tour. I was sold based on her referral alone.
I enrolled my daughter and here we are 6 years later. Not only did she become part of the Impulse Performance Arts Competitive Team, but she also became part of the Impulse Family. Her best friends are at the studio as well as supportive senior dancers and encouraging teachers. I can leave my daughter at the studio for hours on end knowing that she is in caring and capable hands. My daughter could not be happier and neither could I. I guess history really can repeat itself."


Impulse Dance Mom

What Peope are Saying...

``When I first came to Impulse, I had very minimal dance experience. I was immediately accepted into this family of dancers and was encouraged by the teachers, as well as my fellow dancers to push myself to my limits and overcome new challenges. I fell in love with the teachers, the dancers, the choreography, and overall the general positive vibe I would get when I would come to the studio. It was never a dull moment at Impulse, and if it was not for me moving away to school, I would be at Impulse every night like I always was. Impulse is not just a studio, it’s a family. My experience at Impulse was the most educational, positive and fun experience I have ever had. As once said in a senior lyrical class with Miss. Lindsay by a dancer, “When I look around, I see my family.” Overall, not only did I improve my dancing abilities and take on new challenges by being a part of the competitive group, but I made a new family and had an incredible time doing it. Impulse truly changed my life and I am proud to say I am a part of that family``


Impulse alumnus