Please see the following dress-code requirements for our weekly classes (tights, shoes etc.)  Proper uniform is required of all dancers to ensure safe and effective dance training! 

Dancers without proper, safe dance attire and/or footwear will be asked to sit out during dance class.

NOTE: Requirements are for weekly dance classes.  Additional/different tights and shoes may be required for year-end recital and competitions!


Impulse recommends the following locations for your dance attire needs:

  • DANCE HAPPY DANCEWEAR:  Phone: 289-396-7885
  • STEP N' OUT DANCEWEAR: 1314 Upper Wentworth St, Hamilton  Phone: (905) 575-7164
  • DANCEWEAR BURLINGTON:  4012 New St, Burlington, ON L7L 1S7 Phone: (905) 637-2662

Creative Dance/Pre-Ballet

Ages 2.5-4yrs

Any colour bodysuit.
Pink tights.(leg warmers/ballet skirt optional)

Pink Ballet Slippers or Pink Gymnastic Slippers

(Boys - Black Ballet or Black Gymnastic Slippers)


Pink or Black sleeveless bodysuit.
Pink tights.
 (Leg warmers, ballet skirt & fitted ballet wrap/shrug optional

*No booty shorts

Mini Ballet & Primary Ballet
Pink full-sole leather ballet Slippers
(Capezio recommended)

Junior, Intermediate & Advanced Ballet

Pink canvas split-sole ballet slipper

("So Danca SD-16" recommended)


Any colour bodysuit and tights,or yoga/tight-fitting tanks, crop tops, pants, shorts etc.
Black dance shorts are acceptable.

Black, pink or tan convertible tights

Mini Jazz (age 5-6)
Black slip-on, split-sole jazz shoes

(So Danca - JZ-43 recommended

Primary Jazz and up (age 7+)

Beige slip-on, split-sole jazz shoes

(So Danca - JZ-43 recommended),

Beige"turners" also acceptable!


Any colour bodysuit or yoga/tight-fitting tanks, pants, shorts etc.
Black dance shorts are acceptable.

Black, pink or tan convertible tights

Black oxford tap shoes

(Capezio CG19 Cadence recommended).  

*Patent tap shoes acceptable for under age 7 years!


Any colour bodysuit or yoga/tight-fitting tank top, crop top,pants, shorts etc.
Black dance shorts are acceptable.

Black, pink, or tan footless/convertible tights.

Beige Foot thongs/ “Foot Undeez”

or “Dance Paws” or Beige "Turners"


Any colour bodysuit or sports bra.

Black dance shorts, leggings etc.

*No baggy clothing. Sports bras MUST be worn under tank/t- shirts

Bare Feet
Hip Hop

Athletic-fitting tanks/t-shirts.

Loose-fitting capris, shorts, track pants etc. (No jeans)

Comfortable INDOOR ONLY running shoes or dance sneakers
Musical Theatre
Comfortable tank/t-shirts with comfortable yoga/track pants, leggings etc.
Black split-sole jazz shoes or black dance sneakers
Boys (all styles)
An athletic-fitting-shirt & comfy dance pants or shorts
Black ballet, jazz or tap shoes (depends on class)