• Impulse Performance Arts Inc. currently accepts payment by cash, cheque or email money transfer only.  Payment options are:  full-season dance tuition paid in full or 10 equal installments by post-dated cheque, cash or email money transfer.
  • No dancer will participate in our year-end recital shows, competitions,  or showcases if there is an outstanding balance on their studio account.
  • 10-equal tuition installments are due on or before the 1st of every month. 
  • A  $20 charge will be applied to all cheques returned to the studio as NSF. A $25 late fee will be added to unpaid tuition installments.
  • Impulse is unable to provide dance training for dancers if tuition payments are not paid on time. Dancers will be asked to withdraw from class until fees are paid.
  • Recital costume deposits are due by Nov 30, 2023 and are non-refundable. No exceptions. Costumes will not be released to dancers until full-payment is received. Competitive costume deposits are due by September 31st, 2023 and are non-refundable.
  • A full monthly installment payment is required if a dancer attends any classes during a given month. You must provide notice of 2 weeks if you choose to drop any class at Impulse.
  • Tuition is not  adjusted (up or down) due to statutory holidays and pre-determined studio breaks.  Refunds will not be given for classes missed due to illness, vacation or inclement weather.
  • If a class enrollment reaches full capacity, additional dancers will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Impulse reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or combine classes due to low-enrollment.
  • Note; Impulse typically runs multiple year-end recital shows in shorter lengths! Siblings and dancers in multiple classes are not guaranteed to be in the same show (we do try really hard to make this happen but with the large number of dancers and classes at Impulse, it’s not always possible.) 


  • Impulse strives to provide a positive, motivating and friendly environment.  Dancers are expected to promote these values in class, and to treat all dancers and teachers with respect and courtesy.  Dancers are expected to keep their changerooms tidy.
  • Gossip and/or bullying is strictly discouraged,  and  will not be tolerated.
  • Dancers exhibiting inappropriate behaviour will be removed from the dance class.
  • All costume, choreography, music  and formation choices are made by the teachers/Studio Directors and are to be respected by all dancers.
  • Dancers are expected to follow the studio dress code. Hair must always be pulled off of face. No jewellery is to be worn to class. If a dancer is not in appropriate dress code, they will be asked to sit out during the class.
  • Punctuality is essential for a proper warm-up and to avoid injury.
  • Dancers must ask permission to leave the class.
  • No gum or food in the studios.
  • All dance bags, clothing etc. can be placed on the shelving provided in the studios/changerooms. Impulse Performance Arts Inc is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave all valuables at home.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all recreational classes will participate in year-end recital shows.


  • Impulse aims to be a positive, motivating and friendly environment. Parents/guardians are asked to encourage dancers and to contribute to our upbeat  and safe space.
  • Gossip and/or bullying is strictly discouraged,  and  will not be tolerated.
  • Parents/guardians will treat Studio Directors, teachers, dancers and fellow parent/guardians with courtesy and respect.
  • Parents/guardians are asked to regularly check their emails, studio website and lobby bulletin boards for studio information.
  • All student placements, choreography, music and costume choices are made by teachers/Studio Directors and are to be respected.
  • Parents/guardians are not permitted in the studios during class time.  Viewing screens are located in the lobby. Class Observation Week will occur once throughout the season.
  • Please inform the studio of any student absences by phone or email prior to class.
  • Please send water and nut-free snacks for your dancer(s).  Impulse aims to be a nut-free facility to provide a safe environment for students with severe allergies.
  • Parents/guardians are expected to monitor siblings in the lobby.


  • Impulse aims to offer a fun, friendly, safe and motivating environment for dancers of all ages to learn the art of dance.
  • Directors/teachers are expected to treat all dancers, parents and guardians with courtesy and respect.
  • Directors/teachers will provide safe dance education and constructive corrections to properly train dancers while reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Classes will begin and end on time.
  • All music, routines and costumes will be age-appropriate.
  • All studio information will be emailed and regularly posted in the studio lobby.
  • If a class is cancelled due to teacher absence, all efforts will be made to provide an acceptable substitute teacher.  If this is not possible, a make-up class will be scheduled.
  • Classes will not be held and no make-up classes scheduled for statutory holidays/pre-determined breaks.
  • If the studio closes due to extreme weather conditions, an announcement will be made by 2:00pm that afternoon, if possible.  Please call the studio for a recorded message,  or check your email and the studio website for updates.
  • Income tax receipts can be provided by email, if requested.

**COMPETITIVE TEAM MEMBERS: Please be sure to obtain and review the Competitive Team Contract.