Hello and Welcome to Dance!

Impulse staff have been working tirelessly to create a safe space for our dancers during COVID19.  We are continuously monitoring and following Government/Ministry health standards and the Ontario Dance Safe Guidelines. We feel confident in welcoming our dancers to our 13th dance season!


  • COVID19 Symptom Self-Questionnaire required BEFORE coming to dance class.
  • COVID19 Screening Signs at every entrance.
  • Hand sanitization stations at ALL entrances and exits and inside EVERY dance studio.
  • Increased Impulse staff to enforce COVID protocols, to sanitize high-frequency-touch areas and to help our dancers entering/exiting/sanitizing etc.
  • Changerooms and Lobby temporarily closed to reduce small-enclosed-spaces and to limit studio capacity.  Lobby sitting significantly restricted to 1 adult per dancer under age 5 years (pending available space).
  • Frequent sanitization/disinfection between classes. Frequent sanitization “fogging” using professional equipment.
  • Plexi-glass shield enclosing office window.

Happy Dancing!